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Topic: Wikis > Tips on Enhancing Your Wiki > Adding a Clock to Your Wiki

  • Click on the GALLERY Tab at the top of the page.
When you go to the GALLERY, you will see many categories you can click on to view different clocks, such as:
Analog, Animal, Animation, Count Down & Up, Dark Backgrounds, Digital, Holidays, etc.

  • Click on a category, choose a clock in the category and click on VIEW HTML under the clock.
When you click on VIEW HTML under the clock, there will be various options to choose, such as size, time zone, and maybe other items depending on the clock. Once you choose your options, select the code/html to highlight it.
Click on EDIT > COPY or CTRL/C.

  • Go to your WIKI and click on EDIT THIS PAGE or EDIT the NAVIGATION BAR.
Click in the area where you want to put the clock. Click on the EMBED MEDIA icon in the toolbar at the top of your page.
A new window opens up where the html code will be placed.
COPY > PASTE or CTRL/V the code/html into the area provided.
Click on SAVE.