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Topic: Document Camera -- Samsung, ELMO and IPEVO P2V

What is a Document Camera or Digital Presenter? A visual presentation tool that anyone can use.

Simply connect the Document Camera with a projector or monitor and just turn it on. All that's left to do is to place the desired object under the camera. The image size can be enlarged or reduced.

  • Project...

  • an enlarged object onto the big screen.
  • a textbook onto the screen.
  • a student's project.
  • music and lyrics.
  • a timer.
  • model writing skills, editing, revising.
  • a graphic organizer.
  • graph paper; show math problems.
  • science experiments.
  • dissections.
  • use as a microscope.
  • display maps.
  • display timelines.
  • project the student's faces on the screen.
  • use as a scanner.
  • art techniques.
  • collaborate on worksheets.
  • improve a child's ability to concentrate and develop more curiousity.
  • creates enthusiasm.
  • offers a new and better way of communications that can be developed between teacher and student as all eyes will be looking up.

Document Camera Ideas for Ways to Use:
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ELMO Document Camera Educator Resources:
ELMO TT-02 RX Instruction Manual (English Version) (70 Pages)

TT-02 RX Document Camera Part Names and Functions (Document Camera, Operating Panel, Rear Panel, Side Panel, Remote) (8 pages)

IPEVO P2V Document Camera


IPEVO Site http://www.ipevo.com/p2v Contains Videos on the Document Camera, Tips, and User Stories
Specs and Details for the IPEVO P2V Document Camera: http://www.ipevo.com/prods/Point-2-View-USB-Camera/IPEVO
Tips: http://www.ipevo.com/p2v_tips/2692

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Education Flyer: http://support.ipevo.com/download/doc/p2v/p2v_education.pdf

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Point 2 View Frequently Asked Questions/Forums: https://ipevoinc.zendesk.com/forums/113959-p2v-usb-document-camera


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