Boston conference
May 2011

Wifi Network: Cambridge Passcode: eb507
Twitter Hashtag: #edcampBOS
To share notes, presentations, photos:

8-8:45 Registration, breakfast, and networking
8:45-9:00 Introduction/Explanation
9:00-9:30 Schedule building
9:30-10:20 Session 1
10:30-11:20 Session 2
11:30-12:20 Session 3
12:20-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Session 4
2:30-3:20 Session 5
3:30-4:30 Group Smackdown/Prize Giveaway

Horace Mann, 140
Thomas Paul, 40
Deborah Sampton, 30
Abigail Adams, 20
Crispus Attucks, 20
Area 1220, 20
Area 1235, 6-8
Area 1255, 6-8

New England Research & Development Center
One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142

On the T, take the Red Line to the Kendall/MIT Stop.
Walk straight up Main Street toward the Longfellow Bridge (past the Post Office, Bank of America). You will see the Parking Garage on your right. Take a right and you can enter the building from the side. Approx. a 5 minute walk.

Twitter Session
Liz Davis
9:30 - 10:20

Build enough of a network to make Twitter meaningful.
Follow at least 300 people.
You are reaching out to the world. Ask a question.
The more meaningful it will become for you.

Setting up your account
Make sure you have a picture
Make sure you have a bio and that the bio mentions education
Suggest you include your name in the Twitter name
Use an actual picture of yourself
Because this is a professional network.
Liz Davis

Strongly recommend that you do not protect your tweets while you are building your network.

Share things. Post a link.

Hash Tag is the # sign
edcampbos #edcampbos
You can search then on the hash tag id


Can look for #edcampbos

Twitter for Teachers
Very helpful
You can find other teachers, for instance Math Teachers
Build your network around what you specifically do.

Liz has a Google Doc
Educators on Twitter

Professional Space
No negative comments

Great way to get people to your students work
Great at conferences

You can only direct message someone you are following

You area posting a tweet @xxx

Direct Message
Is like asking someone a question in a sealed envelope

You are asking someone a question but everyone sees it

Direct Message
Goes also to your email

Search #edcampbos
You can get involved in conversations
You can find people

Twitter Tools
or Mac Twitter App

URL Shorteners

Echofon - app for phone.

Allows you to tweet to the same account from multiple people
Students can then tweet to your account
Need email

If someone asks a question, you can hit REPLY
You will find the reply in Mentions

The Twitter Life Cycle
Time Since Account Creation
Kathy Sierra

Twitter Chat Schedule

Edtech Schedule for Twitter



STARTING WITH just a handful of iPads
Goal now is to get in the hands of all teachers
This summer
In the fall, meet and discuss

Twitter bacrozier

Stream video and audio with iPad 1 on the video out adapter
iPad 2 allows you to do all things
Cord is not real secure so make sure your ipad is secure.

Can use multiple iTunes accounts on your iPad
Can download apps using multiple iTunes accounts in the Apps Store

One iTunes account with multiple libraries (another option)

Volume Purchasing Program

Give them the code to purchase an app

You can be audited by Apple

Can put on 5 devices

apple summer learning institute in boston for 2 days

on iPad, go to Store, sign in with one account, sign out, then sign in with another account.

For updates, always needs updates, so it is best to let kids manage

Kids can have the institution account and they can have their own account.

Apps that kids are using

My Cards
Gale ebooks and Gale Suite
Destiny - they are going to develop an app for using the online catalog
It will come with an embedded ereader

Gale Resources App
Gale eBooks
Gale Databases
New Canaan Sr. High School, Connecticut

QR code in the jacket of the book
With iPad put it in the book and they can get review of the book

Log in once and you are set with the Gale app.

Created a tutorial

APP: Quick Site App

Gale/Cengage how to on their site

Google Translate
Can draw or write in chinese and translate back in Chinese
and vice versa
They are doing this on the ipad with 2 new chinese students

On iPad there is a Google Translate app

Houghton Mifflin
putting books online

The Elements

Pearson -- GrammarPrep: Capitalization
My Cards

Students do Persuasive Writing for App Reviews

App: T-Chrts

T-Charts Pro/Con chart

Dropbox - invite someone else and you get more space

Evernote has a sharing feature

App Developer: Karen Miller, DOINK

iPad2 processor is far superior to iPad1

Moms with
Free Friday

Don't use Apples featured apps
Look at the apps from the "little" vendors like Moms with Apps
Every Friday, free app Friday

For Reviews:
Also do student reviews

Meg is who helped give the session

Twitter #EDAP (this one is certified)



Student has iTunes Account
Creates their own account, logs in to their iTunes at home with their own account
uses coupon code to purchase APPS for school

AppAdvice - $1 app that gives apps.
Groups apps together. If you are new, it is an awesome resource.
They also have a website but app is more organized
Can use apps not intended for education in the classroom

11:30 - 12:20
iAuthor an iBook
Meg Wilson

Creating an iBook in Pages

iAuthor an iBook
Meg Wilson

Apple Distinguished Educator

View on iPad, iPod, iPhone
Tweet at iPodsibilities
Can make an ibook in seconds on the Internet

In iBooks
Can control background color can control font, click on word and get definition, can highlight, can take notes in ibook

using vga output cable with ipad 2

dote pub, make a bookmarklet
Once installed
Go to the Internet
Go to New York Times
As an example
Get an article
Click on bookmarklet for dote pub
Click on Open in...
Choose iBooks
It loads into iBooks
Now, you have a book
Now, you have the Dictionary, the Highlight, the Note, the Search
Works with VvoiceOver
Cites your source at the end.

Go to dote pub
download any webpage as an ebook
Go to bookmarklet for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Copy the text, add as a bookmark in Safari on your iPad. Put on Bookmark Bar.
Need to have your bar showing. Go into Settings. Safari Settings. Always Show Bookmarks Bar. Turn On.

So, copy the html.
Edit your Bookmarks.
Go into Bookmarks Bar, paste the code.

Cites our source at the end.

Can add notes. Can email or print from within the book.

Apple Product Required:

Can use video, audio, hyperlinks, graphics, charts, tables, and more.

In the last 5 years, unique readers of online newspapers are up 30 million.
Shift Happens.

iBook is epub format.
Flowable format.
As you change your text size, it allows for format.
When you put in a video, it flows with it.

Lot of ways to read epub files.

They are working on the Pages app to have the ability to do this.

She made an Amity iPad Initiative Proposal
Has a video for the iPad
Video you create can be put in.
Can also hyperlink to things in your iBook
Can create online scavenger hunt.
Improving Math Fluency videos
Make chapters
Put in graphics for Volume Purchase Program
Can put in charts

Can put audio component
Embedded into your book.
Embed music.
Eric Clapton - Change the World

Pages on your Mac Computer
IOS Device, such as an iPad
iBooks App (free at the store)

Download the template:

Delete all pages in the template.

Add pages as needed, saving the Table of Contents page for last.

Add content (including text, audio, video, images, and hyperlinks).

Export as an epub file.

Add to iTunes and you can sync with your IOS (iPad) device.

Share via Dropbox.
Because it is a huge file. Share in Dropbox and share link.

Pages ibook template - Google It
Creating ePubl files with Pages
Download the file.
Zip format.
Get some pages already to work with.
Recommend highlighting everything and deleting.
Gives you a blank page.

Add Sections as you need them.
Sections > Title PageYou can access your media.
Just drag and drop.

Save TOC (Table of Contents) for last.

Sections > Chapter
She uses Chapter and Subtitle

Inspector is your best friend in Pages
Formatting is done here.
Blue Arrow in Inspector allows you to create a Hyperlink

Media. Find Video and drag.

Can go to Photo Booth.
Record a short video.
Go to Media.
Go to Movies > Photo Booth and drag over

When you drop something in, it will drop in as "Floating"
You want to make sure media is added and always have it as INLINE.
That way, text works around it.

Same with photos, always make sure it is "ILINE"

pick your audio file on your computer
drag it over.
Make sure this is also INLINE

By having it inline, it will adjust for the device you are reading the epub on.

Download epub best practices.

Export as an epub file
Sync with evice.

When you need a new chapter, add a new chapter. Don't copy/paste an existing chapter.

It is now going to show you your Table of Contents but it is there.
Also, when you export it will tell you there are all kinds of problems. Just ignore.

When you export, you can save as PDF, Word, RTF, Plain Text, ePub.
If saved as PDF, no interactivity.

Choose ePub.
Choose Title, Author, Genre
Check -- Use first page as book cover image.
Tell where to save.
Will take a while to export if you have lots of media.
Will display problems that occurred. If Warnings, just ignore.

Drag and drop into iTunes.Go to Books section in your iTunes
Plug your iPad into your computer and sync to your iPad.
You will have a book you created.

iPads ad iPods in Special Education
Meg Wilson
1:30 - 2:20
Appsolutely Accommodating

Breaking down Barriers

Special Education in a Middle School
Singles out students having a per so reading to them in the back of the classroom.
Use an iPod.

IPod Touch, iPad, iPhone

Empower students of ALL abilities

Person who made this video is legally blind
Louis Karez iPad Accessibility
lfp72 on twitter

VoiceOver Screen Reader
Zoom Magnification
White on Black Display
Mono Audio
Large Fonts
Closed-Captioned Support
Audio & Visual Support for Instruction
External Add-Ons (Stands, Switches, Bluetooth Keyboards, Earpieces, Styluses, Projectors)
SpEd Apps (Proloquo2Go, Sign4Me, Dragon Dictatyion & so many more)

June is a hot month for Apple. Look for new things.

The iPad is switch accessible.
As long as you can control one muscle in your body, you can find a switch for the iPad.

PICO projectors is the size of your iphone which can plug into your ipad, iphone, touch.

Thousands of Special Ed Apps that are not even SpED

AAC devices just became really cool.
$200 app plus iPad.

App for those who have difficulty speaking.
Giving a voice to those who can't speak.
Tap a word and it will speak out loud with text to speech.
Replaces $7000 systems.
ProLoCo To Go
Proloque To Go

AT Apps
Accessing Info
Access to Learning Opportunities
Organization Tools
Communication NOptions
Behavior & Emotional Support
her website

I Education App Reviews

Mobile Learning 4 Special Needs
Louis wiki which is phenomenal

EdReach EdCeptional
Has EdReach podcast series in iTunes
Weekly podcast which is really great.

Twitter: #IEAR


Sign Language App
You can learn sign language
Type word in text box. Person will sign to you.Sign4Me

Dragon Dictation

Tony Vincent - Learning in Check him out.

Drag Dictation - Speech to text. Then copy to the sign language.

General Settings
Accessibility Settings
VoiceOver, Zoom, Large Text, White on Black, Mono Audio, Speak Auto-Text, Triple-click

Speak Auto-text - it auto predicts what it thinks you want to say. This will speak it.

Blogshelf, Bookster, etextbooks, life, marvel,

iBooks works with voiceover
Open Book
Triple Click and turn VoiceOver on
Anything you touch in your iBook will be read
Another option (is expensive) is to use in conjunction with your ibook app, open iPod app, play the audiobook which you have purchased.
You will need to be able to match it.


DocScanner app
Scan something in, save as pdf, jpg, text

iPrompts, Patter Recognition, AT Chooser, IEP Checklist, LifeSampler, eCove, iDress
BTP, iReward, Bean Jar Kids
Early Ed Apps
Sign Language ASL Trainer

Typ-O HD
Word Prediction typing app

2:30 - 3:30 Mobile Learning
Mobile Learning
by Meg Wilson
2:30 - 3:20



Dan Brown YouTube Video
Open Letter to Educators
19 years old when he did this video

Video: Let's talk mobile
by SkiBunny
Where is YOUR classroom?