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Topic: FLIP Video Recorders Website: www.theflip.com



  • Recommended FLIP Book: The Flip Mino Pocket Guide by Christopher BreenCovers the Flip Mino, MinoHD, Ultra. Information on the FLIP, FLIP Share, Windows MovieMaker, iMovie 09, Audacity, and Tips/Techniques.

FLIP Video Tutorials

Video Projects in the Curriculum

(Notes taken from workshop given by Dan Riley, Plymouth Public Schools)

Math Projects

English Projects

Social Studies Projects

Shapes or Geometry Project
Shopping Cart Counting Project
Counting Large Groups Contest
Word Problems
Video Books for Creative Writing
Video Books for Change the Story
Skit for Vocabulary Words
Signs Everywhere (Poems, Sentences)
Alphabet Soup
Class Poems
Book Trailers
History Podcasts
Talk Shows
U.S. Capitals Song
Amendments Skits
Political Debates

Science Projects

Physical Education Projects


Plant Time Lapse
Chemical Change Time Lapse
Slow Motion Physics Example
Rock Scavenger Hunt
Planet Newscast
Fitness Test Comparison
Techniques in SLOW Motion
Health PSA
Day in the Life -- Eating or Exercising
Dance Routine
Music Videos
Song Montages
Support the Arts PSA
Performance Podcasts/Videos
Drama Practice Podcasts/Videos

Special Education Projects

Technology Projects

Generic Projects

Progress Video
Teacher Study Guides
Videos of Signs
Vides of Shapes
Scavenger Hunts
Instructional Videos
Screen Capture
Music Videos
Using Green Screen (any subject)
Stop-Motion Animation
Generic Projects School News
News Reports
PSA/Public Service Announcements
Video Yearbook
Game Shows
Welcome To...
Field Trips
Additional Notes from the Dan Riley Session:
What do you need? Computer, Camcorder
You need your imagination.
For iMovie, save as Full Quality Quick Time, Saves as .mov

Learn about Digital Storytelling and how to tell a STORY using your FLIP Recorder on my wiki page for Digital Storytelling.

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TEC FLIP Video Recorder Session: Collaboration Links