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Ideas to transform students into skilled researchers by learning strategies to search the Internet.
The Google Game teaches simple search strategies, makes the lesson interactive, and uses the initial search box.
Quote from a teen:
"The Internet information was VERY useful to me. I went home and looked up things. I used what we were taught, which narrowed my search down. I found exactly what I was looking for in less than 10 minutes, which normally would take me about an hour. I think the technique should be taught to other classes, so it will help them like it did me."

The Google Game was originally introduced by Katrine Watkins and Kathleen Elder and published in the School Library Journal, January 2006.
The Return of the Google Game by Katrine Watkins was published in the School Library Journal, May 2008.

Google Search Tips

double quotations (" ") used to look for words in exactly the order in which you enter them "the great depression" as opposed to just typing in -- the great depression.

minus sign (-) used to exclude a word from your results

For instance, if you were looking for depression as in a mental disorder as opposed to the Great Depression

depression -great

site:edu, site:org, site:govused to limit your search to pages published by certain groups

"the great depression" site:edu
"the great depression" site:gov
teens site:org

The Google Game Resources

School Library Journal, January 2006, Katrine Watkins
Article entitled "The Google Game"

School Library Journal, May 2008, Katrine Watkins
Article entitled "Return of the Google Game"

PowerPoint Handout of Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Conference Presentation
by Katrine Watkins, Librarian, May 2006
(Source: Google for Educators www.google.com/educators)