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Topic: Literacy -- Information/Web/Media Literacy

Digital Citizenship (ISTE Standard IV for Teachers)

Media Literacy

"Media literacy is the ability to sift through and analyze the messages that inform, entertain and sell to us every day. It's the ability to bring critical thinking skills to bear on all media— from music videos and Web environments to product placement in films and virtual displays on NHL hockey boards. It's about asking pertinent questions about what's there, and noticing what's not there. And it's the instinct to question what lies behind media productions— the motives, the money, the values and the ownership— and to be aware of how these factors influence content."
Source: http://www.media-awareness.ca/english/teachers/media_literacy/what_is_media_literacy.cfm

Generation M - Media Literacy, Education & Choice
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"What is Media Literacy"

Temple University School of Communication and Theater Media Education Lab
Excellent Video and Teacher Lessons for this topic.

Information/Web Literacy

An essential skill for teachers and students is the ability to think critically about information found on the Web. For many students, the Web is the primary type of medium used for finding information. Web Literacy means you understand how search engines work and how to perform powerful searches, how to use criticathinking skills when finding information on the Web -- how to read a URL, who published the site, who links to the site,

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Digital Citizenship

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